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Lift Your Life

Meet Andrea Marcellus
and the 5 Life Strategies

behind every AND/life™
product and service!

15 years ago, Andrea began tossing out shoulds, conventions and expectations to develop a more rewarding approach to both fitness and daily life. The Result?

5 Life Strategies that level up your life as a whole by cultivating
strength and calm – both physically and mentally.

The opposite of a one-size fits all approach to wellness, Andrea's strategies are designed to help uncover
YOUR BEST SELF and put you on YOUR BEST PATH forward and upward.

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Be Authentic

Practice Personal Authenticity

Getting more out of life means knowing who you are, what you like and how you excel so you can use your strengths unapologetically and to your greatest advantage. But personal authenticity isn’t just about who you are... it’s also about who you are not. Life gets cluttered by others’ expectations, creating confidence- eroding areas of supposed “lack” or “shortcomings” in our minds about ourselves.


While continuously working on our “less than best” qualities is a must, true freedom comes from creating positive parameters through self-knowledge. The key is to check in daily about your true nature and desires: how did you spent your time, what made you feel happy, when did you feel most like yourself, when did you feel like you were trying to be someone you’re not?  Recognizing and then honoring the patterns that emerge from your daily answers will help power your life forward.


Andrea Marcellus
Fitness & Wellbeing Expert and Author