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Andrea Marcellus

AND/life App FAQs

  • How much does the AND/life™ app cost?
    After a 30-day trial to feel how effective and easy fitness can be with Andrea’s total lifestyle approach, we offer a monthly subscription for $14.99, $32.99/3 mos, or commit to yourself with an annual subscription for only $116.99. Andrea is also proud to make a limited number of features in the AND/life™ app always free to guest members who might not have room for a membership in their budget but would still like to be a part of our top-rated fitness community.
  • How do I subscribe?
    Once you download the AND/life™ app in either iTunes or Google PlayStore, you’ll create and account and select a subscription option. Once you accept our offer to begin your 30-day free trial, your subscription becomes active.
  • How do I begin my FREE trial?
    After signing-up you are prompted to enable a subscription that has a free trial included. Once you accept the subscription your trial starts.
  • Are my private details secure?
    Your private details are secured. We have all data inside our own secured cluster and all private information is encrypted. In addition, we do not store your credit card info or other billing information.
  • If I subscribe from the App Store or GPS, can I access my account on my computer?"
    While AND/life can be projected onto your TV via cell phone or tablet using screen mirroring technologies, your account must currently be accessed and navigated through your mobile device. Next generation MacBooks and ChromeBooks are being developed with mobile app capabilities, so this will be a possibility in the near future.
  • How do I view AND/life™ on my laptop or desktop computer?
    Mirroring apps are available for download onto your Mac or PC that will allow you to see AND/life™ on your computer. Please note that AND/life™ currently has no affiliation with any mirroring products, and we are providing this information only as an courtesy. Mirroring 360- Apower Mirror-
  • How do I put AND/life™ on my TV?
    If you have AppleTV, swipe up from your home screen and tap Screen Mirroring to mirror your device up to your TV. Same thing for Android using Chromebox and the Chromecast feature. If you don’t have those options, you can easily connect your phone to your TV with: 1) an HDMI to HDMI cable (lighting digital AV cable), and 2) an HDMI connecter for your phone or tablet. Both of these standard items are generally available anywhere electronics are sold.
  • What if my workout or class isn't streaming clearly?
    Please check your wifi connection or cell service to make sure you have a good connection. You should also check to see how many devices are streaming content around nearby. If you continue to have a problem, you can download a class or a custom workout and play them offline.
  • What if I'm playing a class but there is no sound?
    The ringer on your device is in the off position. Once you turn on your ringer, the sound should play normally.
  • Is AND/life™ available in languages other than English?
    No. Currently, AND/life™ is only available in English.
  • What models of iPhone or Android are required to use AND/life™?
    iPhone 6 or later Android 6 or higher
  • How do I change my account email?
    Sorry, currently there is no option to change the email associated with your account.
  • Can I access classes and custom workouts when I'm not online or my WiFi's not happening?
    Yes! Just “Favorite” classes or custom workouts by tapping the heart icon and they’ll be downloaded to your device for anytime access. The Favorites heart icon is located at the top right corner of the Custom Workouts and Classes page.
  • Can I do AND/life™ workouts even if I have a chronic injury/illness?
    As with all fitness programs, you need to work with your doctor to determine which types of exercise, intensity and duration would be appropriate for you. AND/life™ offers classes for all levels and our custom workouts feature a huge library of moves you can customize to suit your needs. Work with your doctor to create some customized workouts for you and put them in your favorites!
  • What are Habit Foods?
    Habit Foods are the quick, go-to choices for meals that you usually eat alone, on the run, or as snacks. These foods comprise the big picture of your personalized weight loss program and provide most of your solid nutrition each week. For more information on Andrea’s Habit Food strategy, please check out her book “The Way In: 5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong and Lift Your Life” at
  • How do I change my Habit Foods or food preferences?
    Tap the menu in the upper left corner of the home screen (the three lines) and go to My Profile. From there you will be able to make adjustments to all of your food preferences and requirements. You can also access your profile from your Reports page, the calendar at the bottom right of the navigation bar.
  • What's the difference between Custom Workouts and Classes?
    Custom Workouts are your own on-the-spot creations that you can do solo, or thanks to our patent-pending AND/friends™ tech, you can invite (or challenge!) friends to join you LIVE onscreen. Custom Workouts are personalized playlists of individual exercise moves curated for you based on where you are, what you’re up for, the equipment available, and more... even how much you want to sweat. At the top of the Custom Workouts screen are Andrea-curated challenges if you want goal-specific Custom Workouts or you’re not sure what to choose. Classes are fully-choreographed, expertly guided sessions led by Andrea that offer you nonstop motivation and game-changing tips and advice throughout.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    If you subscribed via the Apple (iOS) App (iPhone or iPad) and you would like to cancel your subscription, you will need to cancel your membership renewal in the iTunes store: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Tap App Store or go to iTunes. Tap the Account button (your face or the head at the top of the screen) and enter your Apple ID and password. Tap Subscriptions. Tap your AND/life™ subscription. Tap options to manage your subscription options or tap "Cancel Subscription". Tap to Confirm changes to your subscription. __________ If you subscribed via the Google Play Store and you would like to cancel your subscription: Launch the Google Play Store app. Tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions and tap on the app of the subscription you’d like to cancel. Alternatively, tap Menu -> My Apps -> Tap the app of the subscription you’d like to cancel -> Tap the app’s details page. Tap “Cancel” and “Yes” to confirm the cancellation. Now, the status of this Subscription has been changed from Subscribed to Canceled. __________ If you registered, and paid for, your AND/life™ subscription with AND/life’s™ website (WebApp) and would like to cancel your subscription: Go to your account settings Scroll down and select 'Cancel Account' at the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind this could take up to 24 hours to reflect in your account. *If you subscribed via our website or the Google Play Store, however are now using the iOS App, your account is still linked to WebApp or Google Play and you will need to cancel your account by logging in to your WebApp or Google Play Account*
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