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Andrea Marcellus
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Andrea Marcellus
Fitness Expert & Author

Andrea’s mission is to help you climb out from under your to-do lists to discover what you’re truly capable of becoming – and have the time to make it happen.

I was a life strategist and fitness expert with 25 years’ experience and clients on a waitlist, and also a writer, actress, parent, friend and person just like everyone else who struggles to be and do all that they feel capable of… and still have a respectable social life. In other words, I get it.

By the time I’d finish each day, I was pretty drained. Seriously, where does the time go? Not to mention energy, money, and our waistlines the morning after we eat a bowl of pasta or indulge in a brownie (or three) which used to be not a problem… I know you hear me on this.

Daily life has a way of becoming more of a workout on a treadmill than a walk on the beach. Even if you enjoy both, too often you don’t get to choose. And you find yourself doing the “big sigh” at the end of every day – that unconscious, deep breath our body forces us to take to try to lighten the weight. And yet still we feel tethered. Unable to dream big anymore because of practicalities and honest exhaustion.

The code I developed to lift myself -- five learnable principles – moved me beyond a “to-do list” life to a “what do I want to do” lifestyle. And that idea – that our lives are still in our own hands, a matter of choice, and that we are, in fact, in charge – is the first step to feeling lighter both physically and mentally.  

– Andrea Marcellus

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