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Andrea Marcellus
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The Way In:
5 Winning Strategies to
Lose Weight, Get Strong
and Lift Your Life

The Way In forges Andrea's effective, real-life strategies for super-fitness into a lifestyle anyone can achieve and maintain via a thoughtfully designed Six Week Shape-Up program.

Without eliminating favorites or exercising like it’s your job, The Way In teaches you how to realign your habits to your greatest benefit while still living a life you recognize.

The Way In is also available in digital or paperback by clicking your favorite store below:

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Andrea Marcellus Yoga

Going Her Own Way:
Why Andrea Marcellus
found a new way.

Los Angeles-based fitness expert Andrea Marcellus spent the first 16 years of her career doing all the “right” things... and yet she still felt chronically sluggish, hungry, bloated and riddled by extra pounds she could honestly never shake. So ten years ago, she took a flying leap and stopped being so “good.” No more relentless judgment about wellness “rights” and “wrongs.” No more working out like crazy, counting calories or restricting foods in unsustainable ways that cramped her social life. No more unattainable goals. No more comparisons to others. No more inner critic.

The result: an unparalleled level of fitness and super-lean body that Andrea has maintained through two pregnancies and into her 40’s... and which has become the transformative, customizable method she uses with her exclusive clientele.

REAL Readers. REAL Results.


Stay tuned for Andrea's next book: The Rule of Awesome

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