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8 Must-Try Fitness Apps

By Namita Nayyar (Women Fitness Digital Magazine)

The year 2020 has been a year filled with launch and success stories of health & fitness Apps. We bring you our best 8 to suit your style, fitness needs, and goals. A must-try.

Andrea Marcellus, Fitness Expert & Author lauched The Personal Trainer in Your Pocket. She spent over 25 years getting people to achieve their goals while cultivating more of their most precious resources: Time, Energy and Funds. This new patent-pending AND/friends™ technology lets the client create a Custom Workout based on their mood and preferences and then invite up to three friends to do it LIVE with you on your screen.


AI-driven AND/life [TM] app, helps users create and integrate a personalized, long-term fitness solution. Andrea is proud to make a limited number of features in the AND/life™ app always free to guest members who might not have room for a membership in their budget but would still like to be a part of our top-rated fitness community.

Free or Paid:  After a 30-day trial to feel how effective and easy fitness can be with Andrea’s total lifestyle approach, the app offer a monthly subscription for $14.99, $32.99/3 mos, or commit to yourself with an annual subscription for only $116.99.  Available on

  • iPhone 6 or later

  • Android 6 or higher

For more questions visit the following link :

The list of fitness apps & podcasts is never ending, but choose one that serves you the best.

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