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8 Things Successful Women Avoid Before 9AM

By Danielle Page (Ladders)

It’s no new news that establishing and sticking to a morning routine can work wonders. From increasing productivity levels to boosting mood, improved focus and beyond, there are no shortage benefits for having a morning routine.

But when we talk about morning routines, we often focus on incorporating to yield success. When in reality, avoiding certain things in the morning altogether can be just as effective to make your morning routine count.

What things should you be avoiding to have a more productive morning? Here are just a few anecdotes from successful women to consider factoring in after your alarm goes off.

- Your phone - Work - Talking

- Tough Workouts - Coffee - Social Media - Phone Calls - Sugar - Tough Workouts

“Morning workouts should be strategized to generate energy, not tap you out before you even get going,” says Andrea Marcellus, fitness expert and creator of the AND/life app.

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