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Expert Panel: How To Avoid Gaining Weight During the Pandemic

By (BodyNutrition)

1) Don’t graze! Eat on a schedule. Grazing messes up the hormonal conversation between your stomach and your brain that signals hunger and satiety. Make sure to leave at least two hours between meals to keep your metabolism in gear and avoid mindless munching.

2) Wear pants. Nothing helps prevent overeating or unnecessary trips to the fridge between calls like clothes that fit well. Alternate loungewear with your “best self” clothes, which will not only help you stay honest with food portions, but also boost your energy and sense of self.

Extra credit: put away the loungewear entirely for a week or two and dress nicely every day. If you need to, buy a couple pairs of inexpensive jeans in a larger size to help you keep your focus on the goal and feel your best again as fast as possible.

3) Think of workouts in terms of gaining strength and generating energy rather than burning calories. Consistent short workout bursts each day will yield better results than long, grueling workouts that you may not always feel like doing, and that leave you worn out and famished when you do.

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