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Mompreneurs Share Their Morning Routine for a Productive Day

By Shruti Sood (Morning Lazziness)

Who said, being a mompreneur is an easy task? We asked six mompreneurs how their morning routine looks like and what they do to keep themselves productive throughout the day.

From packing the lunchboxes for husband and kids to scheduling the everyday tasks for work- this is the most regular morning routine of a mompreneur. While being an entrepreneur also requires lots of work, just like managing the three teen kids at home.

A busy day at the office and managing the household things under one roof requires time management. Hence, it is good to feel accomplished and productive both as a parent and as a professional. On one side, you want to spend quality time with kids simultaneously; you need to prepare for an important meeting- making the right decisions for your business at the right time, with not being emotional, this is what a mompreneur looks like.

Take some advice from these six successful mompreneurs who are taking over the world with their productive morning routine. Also, pretty well at maintaining the fine balance between their work and family.

Never procrastinate when it comes to your success, Andrea Marcellus Creator of the AND/life app

  • My morning starts in one of two ways: most days, I’m up very early so I can get to the office and spend at least 30 or so minutes on a goal-oriented task before tackling emails or to-dos. One day each week, I reserve for being a “full-on mom.” I wake up with my kids, spend the morning with them, and drive them to school.

  • Either way, the first hour or so of the morning is always an enriching time that keeps me focused on the big picture. Start your day with a high-priority item that pushes your goals forward before you even look at your to-do list. The idea of clearing the decks of small, manageable tasks may be tempting. Still, often it’s just procrastination disguised as busyness.

  • Success comes from focusing your first effort of the day on things that matter most, not the small stuff – which, when you think about it, is often responding to other people and pushing THEIR ball forward. Proper self-care is about prioritizing what matters to you most and starting each day with clarity and purpose-focused by the lens of goal fulfillment, not to-do’s.

  • Establishing the discipline to tackle hard, consequential things over less essential matters will ensure that you either get to your goals or create opportunities. Either way, it prevents you from spinning your wheels and wondering where the day went!

  • I jump-start my day with my favorite coffee, and I put myself together, always, even on weekends. I have a morning routine I call seven minutes to self-respect: I take three minutes to do my hair, two minutes for a little splash of makeup, two minutes to put on my uniform, which is always jeans and a top and boots or sandals that I love. It’s not about vanity; It’s about generating energy.

  • We’re always more energized when we feel like we look our best (or at least put together). I think it’s a huge mistake in life to put your best foot forward for strangers as opposed to yourself and the people most important to you. Putting myself together each day ensures I generate some positive energy about myself, for myself, so that I’m feeling great right from the start, and I have that positive energy to give to others.

  • I don’t have an affirmation I say to myself each morning. I just stick to my routine. My routine is my affirmation. It’s like telling myself each morning, “You’re in charge, no matter what comes at you today.” That’s a great mental space to be in every morning.

  • I have so little time; my favorite books during the workweek are ones where you can turn to any page and find a kernel of inspiration for the day. I designed my book The Way In 5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong & Lift Your Life to be chock full of inspirational, fun facts that are set aside by eye-catching graphics for this very reason. My thought was that busy folk could literally flip through the book and find something to lift their lives in a small way that very day. Flip enough pages, and even if you never read it cover to cover, you’ll have gained a lot!

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