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One Weight Loss Workout Which Doesn't Use High-Impact Movements

By (Fit & Well)

Weight loss workouts are tough for a lot of people because of an ever-increasing amount of high-impact movements involved. For those coming into exercise for the first time, or after a long absence, jumping straight into exercises such as running or jumping jacks can place a lot of stress on our joints.

This is because the joints take a pounding as our feet hit the ground over and over again. Over time, your knees and hips can suffer damage if they're not protected and strengthened: while somebody who regularly does resistance training and long runs will be able to run 10k at the drop of a hat, somebody new to exercise would be at risk of harming their ankles, knees and hips with repetitive hard impacts.

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On another, more practical note, you might live in a third-floor flat. If you want to exercise in the comfort of your front room, you may wish to do it in such a way that the neighbours don't complain.

Either way, we've got a solution for you. You need a workout which contains no impact-related exercises at all, while still elevating your heart rate and strengthening your muscles.

Enter top Los Angeles PT Andrea Marcellus, who has provided us with a dynamic workout designed to elevate your heart rate while containing no high-impact movements whatsoever. Follow along to Marcellus' workout below: all you need is a little bit of floorspace and 30 minutes to complete this low-impact sweat session.

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