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Top Three Pilates Exercises to Flatten and Strengthen Post-Natal Abs

With all abdominal exercise, the most crucial part is the scoop which activates the transverse abdomimals - the deepest muscle which wraps around you like a corset. To achieve a proper scope, be sure to curl you head and shoulders off the ground first, and then exhale your belly button toward your spine, hollowing out your abdomen like a spoon. Maintain this position throughout the exercises, stopping to reset with an exhale whenever you need to for best and fastest results!  All of the moves I’ve listed that take the legs away from the body - these are the best because they create a strong contraction in the transverse abdominals that will help return your  shape to more of a corset while creating all-important overall core stability. Single Leg Stretch - Lying on your back with your abdominals scooped, curl your head and shoulders off the ground and then exhale to deepen your abdominals into a scoop. Draw one knee into your chest with both hands while extending the other leg all the way long, holding for a second before switching.  Do 10 sets.  Diamond Shape Double Leg Stretch - Lying on your back, extend the legs toward the ceiling in a diamond shape. Curl your head and shoulders off the floor and then exhale your stomach into a scoop. Inhale a sniff of air as you lower your legs in their diamond shape while keeping you abs scooped and your lower back on the floor. Exhale to return the legs back up. Challenge yourself with how far you can lower your legs, without go to a point of discomfort or where you feel your back tightening. Note: By working with the knees rotated open, we disengage the hip flexors causing recruitment of more deep abdominal muscle fibers.  Criss Cross -  This move also activates the obliques as well as your rectus abdominus (your six pack muscle) and your transverse abdominals - so you get the best of everything. Curl your head and shoulders off the floor with your hands behind your head, and exhale to scoop your belly.  Twist your right elbow across your chest while drawing in the left knee. Holding that position extend your right leg long toward the other side of the room about two feet off the floor. (Raise the leg higher if you feel your back straining). Switch your twist, bringing in the right knee and extending the left leg. Repeat for 10 sets, making sure to stop and reset your scoop if your abs start to push out due to fatigue. 

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