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Andrea Marcellus Shape Up Body & Mind

Are you ready to LOSE 12-20lbs in just 6 WEEKS?

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ShapeUp Body & Mind is a proven method for people with challenging schedules, stress levels, or lack of energy.


Andrea Marcellus has created a unique program to help you prioritize and level-up your physical and mental wellbeing!

  • Drop Pounds & Get Stronger

  • Balance Metabolic Hormones

  • Generate Massive Energy

  • Reduce Chronic Stress

  • Increase Focus & Productivity

  • Build Confidence

What is...

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People who feel their best, do their best.

AND/life IGNITE’s uniquely doable physical & mental wellbeing strategies for busy people earned 50%-85% engagement over a 12 week period, including team members from entry level to C-Suite, and crushing industry averages of 3-4%.

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Programs & Tools

Is the Answer.

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Think you need calorie or macro counting, long grueling workouts, or to eliminate foods you love to lose weight? Think again!

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Andrea Marcellus

The Way In:

5 Winning Strategies to Lose Weight, Get Strong and Lift Your Life

The foundation to Andrea’s groundbreaking Shape Up: Body & Mind program is her top-rated book, The Way In, which shares the effective, real-life strategies that have helped thousands of people shed thousands of pounds for good… and without sacrifice!


Andrea Marcellus

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