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Create custom workouts, take online classes with friends, and
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It’s time to find your and.

This workout app is different. No more calorie counting, no more lengthy, grueling workouts, no more rabbit food. Throw out everything you think you should do. It’s time to break the rules- and see results.

Customized workouts you can do whenever you want, wherever you go
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Fitness expert Andrea Marcellus gets you – because she’s been there. She spent the first 16 years of her career doing all the workouts and eating plans you’re “supposed to do.” And just like you, she always got the same mixed, unsustainable results.

So, eight years ago she decided to break the rules: no more eliminating the foods she loves, no more counting calories, no more grueling workouts. The result? She finally got there! Andrea’s real-life strategy helped her achieve a fitter self – even through two pregnancies and as she reached her mid-40s.

Andrea brings this same highly personalized, real-life approach to her clients in Beverly Hills and now she’s bringing it you! The and/life app will help you unlock what your body needs to be strong and fit—without disrupting your life.

The and/life strategy. Your life, your way, you’re fit.

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This is the year of discovery.

The year you find what you need isn’t more time, it’s a better strategy…
When you find power on the outside to match your strength on the inside…
And that life is better lived with more “can-do’s” than “supposed-to’s.”

This is the year life is no longer about ifs or buts.
This is the year you find your and.
and/life… for your life.

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The and/life workout app is available for iPhone, iPad,
Android and Google Chromecast

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Five unique and proven life strategies created and practiced by Andrea Marcellus. Embrace these five strategies and watch your life transform.

Practice Personal Authenticity: Embracing all that makes you who you are will calm your heart and open your mind — allowing you to power your life forward.
Live the Rule of Awesome: Whether it’s chocolate cake, new shoes, a potential new client, or a social event … if it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, don’t do it.
Strategize Habits: Eliminate decision making time so that you can direct your time and energy in more fulfilling ways.
Develop Oppositional Stability: Considering all situations from both sides will provide you with the logic and balance you need to navigate life confidently.
Allow in the Extraordinary: The road to extraordinary is a little stolen mile every day…and when you arrive, you’ll know it’s all been worth it.

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