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Is the Answer.

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AND/life for your REAL/life

For results that last, you need to shape up in a way that fits the life you actually live.

YOU'VE got this!

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Fitness App

"The coolest part about the AND/life™ app is the way Andrea Marcellus addressing eating and dieting." Logo
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Ashtanga Class
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That Fits

Upgrade your life no matter how busy you are with effective daily goals that are easy to hit!

AND_life App (Home)


Blend 30 options to make custom workouts for yourself or to do with up to 3 friends!

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Results-Driven Classes

Get maximum fat-burn  & muscle-definition in minimal time – even at your desk in regular clothes!

AND_life App (Classes)

Real-World Foods

Toss-together recipes based on your goals & faves, no calorie counting & eat what you want 20% of the time!

AND_life App (Habit Foods)


Don't know what to do for workouts or food? Andrea will gently nudge you toward success each day!

AND_life App (Setup)

Your Workout.

Your Way.

Your Friends.

Miss the fun of working out with your friends? Need help staying consistent and accountable? Get ready for a fitness game-changer!

LET'S do this!

Introducing Our New AND/friends™


Our new patent-pending AND/friends™ technology lets you create a Custom Workout based on your mood and preferences and then invite up to three friends to do it LIVE with you on your screen. Fitness has never been so fun!

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Andrea Marcellus Exercising

YOUR Results. YOUR Success Stories.

Elle Marie

This will affect your life and you will become more productive. Through the app I've become more productive and energized. I will keep going because I think I deserve it.


I got a lot done this week recreationally, workwise, and all sorts of stuff. Weird how feeling better increases productivity, huh?


I have more energy which has enabled me to be more active and productive.


I have discovered that with these small changes, I feel more capable and like I have more time to my day.

Sara A.

I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks and I have kind of fallen in love with the way the app has changed my habits and body! I find it easier to stay confident while also living my normal life!

Katie S.

The workouts are short and the food strategy is so easy!

I lost 19 pounds in 8 weeks.

Nikki N.

Lost 19.4 lbs in 8 weeks and I went from a size 12 to a

size 8!

Angie N.

Love this app and the whole method. I'm down 15 pounds in 5 weeks!

Lynda L.

This app is incredible. I’m at a hotel with a small gym with only weights and strangely, a TRX. I put in that info and bingo!! Great for business people who travel all the time!”

Sherry G.

This is sick!!!! I’m blown away by the workouts and classes. And the recipes are unbelievably delicious - especially for how easy they are! This is going to revolutionize the world. No joke.

Nicole F.

The custom workouts mean I always have time to do at least a little something every day - love them!

Lisa C.

This app is amazing! I just did a 20 minute Pilates class - Andrea cracks me up and my abs were aching in the best way the next day.

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