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Distance Learning Got You Down? Learn some "quick-me-up" exercises!

By Holly Harper (WILX 10 News)

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -Parents can be less active now with their kids and they are all cooped up at home. Fitness expert and creator of the AND/life app, Andrea Marcellus, has some easy ways parents can squeeze in a workout while working from home and raising their family at the same time.

Marcellus said Tabata style exercises are perfect for quick bursts of energy to get us through the day. She said Tabata style exercises are 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of rest and says to try to do that for eight rounds to take four minutes.

Marcellus said do these moves to release endorphins, relieve muscle tension, give the body’s metabolism a boost, and generate the energy people need to keep going.

“One [benefit] is we are strengthening muscles, you’re getting core strengthening just being in this position and keeping your stomach in,” said Marcellus, “But on top of that, these short bursts of plyometric exercise have a huge oxygen demand so you’ll feel your heart rate go up right away and that burst of oxygen through your body is what really helps to refocus you and also release endorphins that are just going to make you feel brighter and focused and more energetic and more energetic and more positive.”

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