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Dreaming of toned abs this summer?

You can jump right into countless reps of crunches and planks, but the real trick to getting there (and staying there) is a shift in perspective.

Instead of focusing solely on shedding belly fat, focus on living a lean lifestyle altogether. The fact is, body fat is lost by a thoughtful approach to food, not by an aggressive workout strategy. In other words, you can’t exercise your stomach lean, you have to EAT your stomach lean. If you can do that, you’ll very quickly begin to lose fat wherever your body likes to store it. 

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is important too, but you may want to approach your workouts differently. Try focusing on total body workouts with a few minutes of ab and lower back work included. Once you start to see your abs appearing, feel free to pepper in some additional ab-focused moves to really define that area. Your gorgeous ab muscles will start to reveal themselves once your overall body fat percentage is in a healthy range. 

Learn more about my approach to a lean and happy lifestyle in my book THE WAY IN, available everywhere books are sold in both print and digital.

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