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Out of Your Head

Outdoor workouts can be the best possible choice when you need a mental boost as well as a physical one. The reason for this is that multitasking is a myth. Some of us are super-fast processors, so it may seem like you’re doing a million things in your brain at once. But research has shown that the brain can only do one thing at a time - and that includes the act of “stressing.”

Whether a country lane, a bustling city street, the neighborhood park, or a woodsy hiking trail, the ever-changing sights and sounds of the great outdoors cultivate curiosity with a constant stream of information to be taken in and assessed. This helps slow down the amygdala in your brain - the fear and anxiety center. And while your brain is being stimulated into a perspective shift toward the positive, let’s not forget that the workout itself delivers a brain-feeding, body-cleansing flow of oxygen plus a release of endorphins.

Bottom line: If you’re for a total wellness boost, both physically and mentally, heading outside is always a great direction.

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