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How Habit Foods Give You Back Your Time

There are a couple of things I know about people: 1) everyone seems to have too many decisions to make each day and 2) when you have too many decisions to make, you tend to make bad ones. This leads me to a couple more things I know about people: 1) everyone is a “creature of habit,” be they healthy or not so healthy, and 2) people who have strategized habits in place need to make fewer decisions each day and, therefore, never get derailed.

In terms of food strategy, your habits are going to be what gets you to your goals and keeps you there for the long haul. When you have Habit Foods in place, meals you don’t share are no longer decisions each day, they are no-brainers. Not only does this ensure that you meet your nutritional and weight loss goals, Habit Foods will equal more time to deal with all of the other random decisions that fall into your lap each day. This means that the stress of life’s daily unknowns will never affect your fitness goals. No matter how much a day throws at you, your strategized eating habits will support you.

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