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Rejection Sucks. Here’s How to Deal.

By Marlena Mumma (WLTZ NBC Georgia)

I hope you had a nice weekend. Rejection sucks, but there are healthy ways to cope.

Celebrity trainer, life strategist, and author of The Way In, Andrea Marcellus, would love to share insight on overcoming rejection and moving forward. A preview below:

 Agree with the rejection. This doesn’t mean to put yourself down. It means to see what the other side needed and how that might not necessarily have been what you had to offer. If it’s someone you’re dating, maybe it’s their true interests or tendencies versus yours. He loves sports, you hate sports. He doesn’t want to talk, you like to talk things through. If it’s a job, maybe think out the exact needs of the opportunity and see where your skills or experience don’t exactly align with that. This process, while it may seem counterintuitive, is actually essential to taking the emotional power out of the opportunity and then personalizing it.

 Run through all of your strengths that the other person may not have realized or didn’t see that, now, they won’t have the benefit of. This is the part where you build yourself back up. This is the part where you solidify in your own mind the strengths you were going to highlight for the next opportunity. This is the part where you reaffirm for yourself that you are unique and special and have valuable assets to bring to any situation. 

Embrace the notion that rejection is protection. . . that by not being tied down to that person or opportunity, you are available for something even better to come along. And if you look back at your life, most likely you can point to example after example of how this is exactly the case. The key is to learn from every experience, allow the rejection to help you grow both in terms of mental strength and fortitude and also in terms of confidence and clarity about what you have to offer. 

 Keep putting one foot in front of the other every day to make things happen, whether it be meeting the companion of your dreams or finding the job that totally fulfills you. The point is to keep taking steps forward and then have the grace to allow opportunities to come without forcing it. 

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