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The Lonely Dieter

It’s Lonely On A Diet

Let me stop myself before I even start: can we please agree not to use the word “diet?” Whether you’re suffering through one alone, or suffering with others -- if you’re trying to lose weight and keep it off for good, diets don’t work. Period. Life strategies, on the other hand, do.

It can be argued that most experiences in life are better with other people. However, when it comes to becoming your best, most healthy and fit self, it is not about others. It is about YOU. It is your journey and yours alone.

Of course, other people can complement and support your efforts (like joining you for walks, reminding you to stand a little more during the day, etc.), but your healthy life choices should not be dependent on what other people think, what others do, what they just read on the internet, or anything else.

My belief is that weight loss success happens by starting with the meals you eat alone, the foods you don’t share with others (and believe it or not, this accounts for 70-80% of your eating time.) In my plan, when you are eating what I call social foods -- meals with other people -- you get to eat whatever you want, full food freedom. This is why it really doesn’t matter if the people around you are “dieting” or not.

When you follow the AND/life portioning guidelines, and eat habit foods 70-80% of the time, your stomach will get used to smaller portions and, even in social situations, you’ll find yourself naturally eating less. You will soon no longer be able to overeat without feeling sick. Not pleasant, but a natural gauge is a very handy thing to have, especially in those social settings.

Habit foods will also change your taste for salt and sugar naturally and without you noticing. Things will seem saltier and sweeter than usual, and it will become easier to pass up on the junk foods you used to not be able to live without. No diet necessary (I said it again, my bad.)

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