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Weekend Wiggle Room

It usually goes down a little something like this - you stick to your plan all week, eating “right” and miraculously squeezing in workouts, and then the weekend comes along and all of that goes right out the window. You feel like you failed and un-did all of the good you accomplished during the week. Am I right? Here’s the didn’t. Weekends are meant for loosening the reins, and you didn’t un-do ANYTHING.

You will absolutely eat more Social Foods on the weekends. Even with portion control, you could gain a pound or 2 each weekend due to the sodium content alone. This does NOT mean you’ve derailed yourself. It just means that you need to stick to your habit foods strategy during the weekdays to make sure you continue losing weight despite eating these social foods on the weekends. And try not to judge these social foods as “good” or “bad” - they are all just part of your life strategy.

The food strategy in my book The Way In and my AND/life app EXPECT you to eat Social Foods for around 9 meals per week. You can group all of those meals together on the weekend and still stay on track - but eventually you won’t want to, As your body adjusts to Habit Foods for most meals, Social Food faves will quickly become too salty, sweet or rich for your taste. You won’t want to group a bunch of less beneficial meals together - they just won’t taste or feel good.

Bottom line is, if you’re doing my 1 hand/2 hand portioning strategy with your Social Foods over the weekend, along with the other doable daily goals, you’ll stay on track with your fitness journey just fine. (And if you aren’t familiar with my portioning strategy, Habit Foods and Social Foods, please check out my other blog posts, my book The Way In or the AND/life app!)

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