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How to Stay on Track in a Family of Picky Eaters

What to eat when it’s not just for you is a “life thing” we all get. My son will try stuff, but my daughter is a total picky eater - I can count on her eating the same 4 things, day in, day out. And one of those things is bread with a side of bread. We try to eat as a family as often as possible, but their pickiness often feels like a roadblock. But you don’t have to have kids to live with this dilemma - I remember the same issues when eating with roommates in my 20’s and with three different guys I lived with (two canceled engagements - don’t ask)...


Here’s the thing: you don’t need a ton of food options to prepare a healthy meal that satisfies everyone - all you need are some basics to build a plan around. Not having a ton of food options is actually part of the food strategy in my book The Way In and the AND/life app, and makes your life so much easier.

Determine which of your Habit Foods* (highly beneficial foods) your child(ren) will eat, take those one or two options, plug them into the recipe finder in the AND/life app and build meals around those basic (yet tasty and fulfilling) recipes. The AND/life dinners are specially designed to be family friendly and take only 7-10 of prep time. If your kids love a recipe, be sure to add it to your quick Go-To list so the idea won’t vanish from your brain.

When you set up the app, I’ll give you Go-To recipe suggestions based on your food preferences. But you can always opt to see other options and swap out out your Go-To’s for other suggestions or recipes you find on your own in the library that your whole family will eat.

Couple these healthy and satisfying meals with an active life (standing and walking count for a lot!) and you’ll keep the whole family on track easy-peasy!

If you don’t know what Habit Foods and Social Foods are, check out my other blog posts or head back to the main page of my website to pick up a copy of my book The Way In at your favorite bookstore or download my AND/life app and do a 14-day free trial to learn the strategy (you can always cancel!)

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