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On Allowing in the Extraordinary

Do you remember the curiosity and wonderment you felt as a child? When life was radiantly colorful, full of surprises… when it was ok not to know the answers and just relish in a moment of possibility? When even seemingly ho-hum happenings and discoveries somehow ended up imprinting themselves into your mind as lasting memories? That, my friends, is the extraordinary.

All of the space-clearing, time-saving tactics of my first four Life Strategies are designed to help you reclaim this sense of discovery. The key to life maximization is twofold: 1) being able to recognize opportunity and beauty in life and 2) having space in the day, and the mental bandwidth and physical energy, to seize the moment. Whether it be simply hanging out a moment to watch a butterfly you’ve never seen before, going to a party where you’ll only know one person, or accepting a job opportunity in a brand-new field, the potential for extraordinary is all around us all the time. Sometimes, however, opportunities come our way and we’re so overloaded with responsibilities and obligations, we miss them - our checklist lifestyles get in the way.

Now don’t get me wrong: we love our responsibilities - the things we take on in life define us and feed our souls. But they can also lead to a curiosity-killing lifestyle where we are so task-oriented that we “know” the answer before the universe even has a chance to ask a question. And while we may be able to enjoy ourselves and feel accomplished this way, we can’t grow as easily and at some point will absolutely feel the discontent of stagnation, feeling stuck and immobile.

Allowing in the extraordinary means adding color to your life and being able to see things from a different angle. And how do you know when you’re in “the extraordinary?” You’ll know it because time will stop and you’ll truly feel, in that moment, that there is nowhere in the world you’d rather be. Stack up enough of those and you’ll realize, you’ve won the life lottery.

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