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On Living The Rule Of Awesome

The second AND/life life strategy really boils down to this: If it doesn’t look, taste or feel awesome – don’t do it. Applying The Rule Of Awesome to virtually all aspects of your daily life will save you valuable time, calories, funds and free up precious mental space.

Whether it’s food that’s just sort of OK, a designer outfit you bought on sale that’s a size smaller than you really wear, a new restaurant people say you HAVE to try but you hate sushi, a second date that’s better than being alone but who talks with his mouth full and still lives with his Mom at 36, a career move that would mean more money but isn’t doing anything that honestly jazzes you… if it’s not awesome, don’t do it.

For example, one of the most life-changing applications of The Rule Of Awesome can happen in your closet. Every outfit you own that doesn’t quite fit, is a color that’s not quite right or falls into the category of “maybe if I lose a few” is a soul-chipper. Go into your closet and check out literally everything you have. If something doesn’t make you look awesome - and, more importantly, feel awesome - get rid of it. No more trying things on in the morning, only to throw them on the bed while making a mental note to try them again once you’ve lost 5 pounds or replaced the zipper. If you’re not willing to fix it right then and there - or within a week - it’s gone.

Getting dressed has become so much simpler for me since applying this strategy -- because I literally own nothing that doesn’t make me feel fabulous! Whether I’m getting dressed in the morning, going out at night, or packing for a trip, I’m able to make choices for myself with confidence and ease. I spend zero mental energy on indecision or disappointment. And my room is an even more comfy place without a sad pile of reject-clothes lying in the corner.

In terms of food, this rule is my saving grace at social functions. After giving up the automatic “no, thank you” lifestyle I lived for too many years, I developed The Rule of Awesome as a way to check-in with myself when offered hors d’oeuvres and desserts at dinners, parties and events. It was my way of saving not-at-all worth it calories by being more discerning. I’d have one bite of a cheesy-thing or a dessert (let’s say chocolate cake) and then do my personal assessment - was this bite one I’d be dreaming about for the next week? Was it everything a cheesy-thing or chocolate cake should be and so much more? If so, you bet I would eat a couple more big delicious bites and savor every one because they’re 100% worth it. But, if it didn’t hit that AWESOME bar, I’d leave it there and move on, with confidence and clarity. One and done.

Life is full of opportunities. The Rule Of Awesome is about upping your life-game -- and your self-respect -- by jumping on the best ones and passing on the stuff that’s are just “meh.” Think about it: the underlying principle to deciding what’s “worth it” is having already made the decision that YOU’RE worth it!

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