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Andrea’s Two Cents on Resting Between Workouts

There is no catch-all answer to the question of how long to rest in between workouts. It really depends on the intensity of your routine and the way you feel the next day. The only hard and fast rule for sure is to leave at least one day of space in between HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) or strength training with heavy weights. On off days between harder workouts, do gentler cardio, or core-focused, lengthening workouts like Pilates and Yoga.

The goal is to live an active lifestyle every single day. If you keep your workouts moderate in intensity and duration, whatever that is for you, and vary the types of workouts you do, you can absolutely fit in exercise every single day. The key is to push yourself… always ask a little more of yourself… but without overdoing it. You’ll know you overdid it if you can’t sit down on the toilet seat or hold your hairdryer up without wanting to cry. If your body is screaming over simple tasks, you absolutely need a day or two off. But even on rest days from workouts, still do the heart-rate up minimum of walking for at least 20 minutes and standing at least 60 minutes total throughout your day.

There is no magic number for rest in between workouts. But if you listen to your body and adjust your exercise accordingly, you will achieve your fitness goals to lose weight and get strong, easily maintain your achievements and stay injury free.

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