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Introduction to the 5 Life Strategies

Introduction to the 5 Life Strategies

If I had to narrow down the overall purpose of my life strategies to one idea it would be this: to create more time in each day and use it well. As we move through life, no matter what we’re doing, we’re gaining experience — valuable information about who we are, what matters to us and what we’d most like to do. The problem is that the demands of our daily lives (work, errands, responsibilities, obligations — even ones that we find fulfiing) leave us with little time or energy to focus on ourselves. The result: everyone else gets our best and our deeply personal goals, dreams and desires get put aside or flat out lost in the shuffle.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The trick is learning in to maximize your time and create the space to give yourself your finest efforts too - and in doing so, become the best YOU you ever imagined. To do the laundry AND squeeze in a workout. To crush it at work AND have the energy to honestly listen to your kids, spouse or bestie at dinner. To enjoy happy hour with friends AND meal plan for a week without wanting to cry. To help your elderly neighbor rake some leaves AND take 15 minutes to start that blog you’ve been meaning to write.  

Here are my 5 Life Strategies that helped me get to a lifestyle of constant personal progress balanced with in-the-moment appreciation:

  1. Practice Personal Authenticity - know who you are, and also who you are not

  2. Live The Rule Of Awesome - if it’s not awesome, don’t do it

  3. Strategize Habits - create time by eliminating inconsequential daily decisions

  4. Develop Oppositional Stability - lessen stress by diffusing the emotion underneath conflicting points of view

  5. Allow In The Extraordinary - say yes to opportunity whenever and however it comes

I will touch on each of these principals more individual blog posts. But no doubt even just the titles and descriptions of the strategies have sparked your imagination and desire to create more time and space for your best life.

Ready… Set… YOU!

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